Welcome to Coaster Marketing and MBM Productions, LLC

  Coaster Marketing is a new and exciting concept in advertising, helping you reach your potential clients more effectively and for alot less than mainstream advertising.

   Picture your potential clients in their favorite restaurant or pub. Looking down, they see your beautiful 4 color Coaster Ad instead of an ad for a beverage company. Your Coaster Marketing Ad will be placed in front of unlimited patrons, being viewed multiple times on each visit. Unlike radio, magazines, billboards, and park benches where your ad is viewed for 30-45 seconds, your Coaster Marketing Ad will be in front of your potential client for 1-2 hours in a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, the need to tear out an ad or write something down is eliminated. They simply take your ad home, just like a business card. Our high quality coasters are reused multiple times, stretching your advertising dollar and increasing your return on investment. 

   Why choose Coaster Marketing for your advertising needs? We can help you reach your target audience effectively and affordably. Whether you are trying to reach the Professional, the Blue Collar worker, the average family, the retiree, the avid sports fan or the Biker, we've got you covered. Our Vendors' signed contracts insure they will only use our Coaster Marketing Ads or the coasters from the national beverage industry. Therefore, when your coasters are in your favorite places, you can rest assured other advertising coasters will not be dropped off. When you reserve a location with us, only your Coaster Marketing Ads are in that location during your reserved time, thus giving you the attention of the complete clientele.

   The national beverage companies have been using Coaster Marketing Ads for years. Obviously, this form of advertising works!  Find out for yourself how effective and affordable it really is and how easily you can use it too. It's easy!! Simply

 Select Your Ad:   We'll help you promote your products, services, events or just generate name recognition. We can work with your current ad campaign or our graphic artist will design one for you. 

Select Your Locations:  You're the boss! Who knows your target demographic better than you? You choose where to place your Coaster Marketing Ads. Just select from our ever growing Vendor list based on your individual marketing needs.

Select the Amount of Coasters for Your Order:   From as few as 2,500 to as many as 250,000, we've got you covered. Whether you're on a budget or you want to take advantage of our volume pricing and free storage, we can fulfill your needs.

That's All there is to it!!!

We handle all production, distribution and management of your Coaster Marketing Project. Think of us as your personal promotional assistant!